2-11-2010 ACS work with ADRA Update
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Report on working with ADRA

Thursday 11/02/2010

We as a Adventist Community Services have a good relationship with ADRA, we have our 3 leaders working full time with them on the Food Distribution Program on Carrefour District, when I say full time means 12 -15 hours of work per day. This program is working so well that the World Food Program from the United Nations is requesting ADRA to extent the program 4 more weeks and to open 2 more big distribution centers. Kelvin Rivas is in charge of this program for now until tomorrow Friday because he is returning to NY, Samuel Maxime and Pr. Reginald Barthelemy are working in the same program but in a different area and directly with the Mayor’s office, they are requesting to our people to stay more time, they have offer to hire them if necessary. I’m sending later a link with the reports from UN and the Marines. (Right now it’s 4:50 am and just start raining a lot, I can hear from my room in the hotel people screaming in the streets looking for protection, many thousands sleep on the streets at night. We need Tents so urgently) ADRA it’s a ONG very well recognized organization so they have received several big offer on donations, more than they can manage, 3 governments are offering ADRA to distribute their donations they have thousands of Tons of food and supplies, today is arriving a ship from US with rice, 800 tons are for ADRA, the main problem is that they need more people, more trucks, a bigger warehouse, more volunteers, it seems that they are going to try to distribute directly from the port, it’s a big challenge. At the same time they have several important meetings with the Chief of Staff from the USARMY, with the generals to coordinate the new programs, tomorrow it’s a 30 days event from the earthquake in the city. Samuel has been in meetings with President Clinton and the rebuilding group from the government. There are so many projects running at the same time that it’s very easy to lose the whole picture, at the same time the needs are so great that it seems that we are improving too slowly.

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