ACS and Youth Department in Full Action in Haiti
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ACS and Youth Department in Full Action in Haiti


Melbourne Francis, Teddy Williamson, Samuel Maxime & Angel Reyes


By the time we got the distribution center at 8am the line was already a mile long with women (no male allowed) of all different ages and stages. Whether it was advanced pregnancy, obvious illness, senior age or the very health; they all stood in line waiting patiently to receive a 110lb bag of rice. Some could to hardly lift it from the ground but somehow they found strength to lift and take it home. Those were the fortune ones who had received a meal ticket the day before, thousand stood waiting more in hope, more than anything else, for very seldom is there even enough to cover the ones on line.


The Adventist Community Service department and three coordinators from the Youth Department working in conjunction with ADRA is currently coordinating activities at two of these distribution sites. Teddy Williamson and Melbourne Francis are at site 16B while Angel Reyes is at 19A. On any given day we distribute over 3600 of 100ib bags of rice. Thank to the presence of the US Marines security and order is well maintained.

Samuel Maxime has being a tremendous ambassador for the ACS and Greater New York Conference. He now overseas the food distribution of the World Food Program through ADRA and continue to do a fantastic job. 



Women collect 110lb bag of rice  



Teddy looks on while women lifts bag of rice


Melbourne supervises distribution center 


Teddy, Angel & Mel

ACS and Youth Ambassadors