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February 26, 2010

Port Au Prince, Haiti


The situation with the patients that are ready to be released is very difficult.  We went to visit the hospital and tried to find out how AYES Corps- GNYC can help. The first days after the earthquake they had more than 1,000 patients in the ground outside the building; two weeks ago they had around 500 patients in what they call “recuperation room” - it’s just big and small tents on the open space in the hospital, but they receive medical treatment, shelter, food (two meals a day) and some protection (all depends on the standards, under this emergency situation). The doctors, nurses and the hospital staff are working long hours and giving their best in order to help the survivors. Loma Linda Hospital is coordinating the overall operation, but many organizations are present, and they take all the help that they can get (even doctors and nurses for one day as the staff coordinator told us).


This week they have 72 patients that are ready to be sent home, but those patients (some orphans) have lost everything, and the emergency care doctor in charge is not going to release them without having at least a tent to give to them. “I’m going to keep them here as long as I can,” he told us. He has even requested that if we can provide a piece of land to setup a camp for all this patients that have lost all their belongings. His idea is to have a camp that can provide shelter, medicines, rehabilitation, food, bathrooms, security, and basic hygienic environment. “If I released them under these conditions they are going to get diseases, infections, malnutrition, and their condition is going to be worse or they may, even die in a few weeks,” he said.

The hospital does not have a social work department or even a permanent social worker in charge at the moment. Sometimes a social worker comes to help for a few days but always is a different person and they don’t have a follow up system.

A new team (team #4) is coming to replace team #3 (Teddy, Angel, and Mel), and with this new team we are going to evaluate how we can help the orphans or the most urgent cases.

Some of the patients in the recuperation room of the Adventist Hospital in Port Au Prince


Ruben Merino
Adventist Community Services

Greater New York Conference