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The Baptism of Chloe Foy a new Christian Movie

Clarence E. McCall volunteers at the GNYC – Media Center as a writer, director and producer.  He’s a member of Co Op City SDA church.

The Greater New York Conference Media Center and Youth Department are working on their second film collaboration with Clarence E. McCall called The Baptism of Chloe Foy. You may remember their first project, Between Father and Son that premiered in 2008.

Like Between Father and Son, the goal of The Baptism of Chloe Foy is to address youth retention in the Adventist faith. The Baptism of Chloe Foy takes a look at growing up Adventist from the perspective of a young lady. It tells the story of Chloe Foy, who, after turning 18, decides she wants to venture out into the world to have some “fun”. After making new friends and learning a number of painful life lessons, Chloe finds her way back to church. The movie can be seen as a prodigal son story with a female lead that takes place in modern day Harlem.

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Clarence E. McCall