World Travel Bible Visits NY
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Photo: World Travelling Bible Visits New York City.  L- GNYC Handwritten Bible, M- World Travel Bible, R-GNYC Travel Bible .  Photo By Lenox Cohall
The worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church has been promoting the reading of the Bible through the Follow the Bible Initiative.  Since 2008 till now, the Worldwide Traveling Bible has visited every single Division of the Adventist Church, over 130 countries in 20 months.  On Wednesday, June 2, right after arriving on US soil, from South Africa, the World Traveling Bible made its way to its first destination in the US, and its only destination in the Atlantic Union, none other than the Greater New York Conference.  We had the privilege to receive and host the World Traveling Bible at the North Bronx Adventist Church.
Photo: Jose Cortes, Youth Director GNYC & Nigel Lewis, Youth Director NEC hold world traveling Bible as they welcome "the book"  to New York City.   Photo by Lenox Cohall.

George Johnson, Associate Director of Communication at the North American Division, brought the World Travelling Bible to New York.

Pastor Trevor Baker, President of the Northeastern Conference and Dr. Richard Marker, President of the Greater New York Conference, where in attendance.  Others included Pastor Nigel Lewis Youth Director of the Northeastern Conference and Elder David Cadavero, GNYC Education Superintendent and several other colleagues in ministry were in attendance.

The Spiritual Charge for the afternoon came from Dr. Donald King, Atlantic Union President.  King challenged the entire audience to read, obey, and follow the Bible, it only makes sense, it's God's Book.

Two very important Bibles came in prior to the World Traveling Bible.  The Greater New York Hand-Written Bible, that's right, a Bible hand-written throughout our churches in the entire territory of Greater New York, written in many different languages by over 3,000 children, youth, young adults, and adults over a period of 1 week and 4 days (May 22 to June 2)
Photo: Blanca Salaverria - 101 year old from Central Mt. Vernon Church takes Bible. Photo By Lenox Cohall
was the first Bible to be brought in.  Then came the Greater New York Traveling Bible, which in 358 days traveled through each church and organized group of the Greater New York Conference (January 2009 - January 2010). Finally, the Traveling Bible made its entrance, in the hands of one of the most experienced members of our Conference, Blanca Salaverria (101 year old from Central Mt. Vernon Church). 

This Bible was passed from generation to generation till it made to the platform in the hands of two young Adventurers, symbolizing how the Bible has been passed from grandparents to kids through the ages.  It was a beautiful and moving service streamed live on the web at by the Atlantic Union Adventist Media which was directed by Pastor Rohann Wellington.  

Pastor Cortes, in his challenge to the youth, encourage each present to spend time to read and understand “the book” as early Adventist where known to be people of “the Book.”  He called on all as Adventists to be people of “the book” and not of tradition.

If there is any doubt that the youth of New York where excited to receive, touch and hold  this special Bible, then let the closing scene of the afternoon program tell the story.  They formed lines to come up and take a picture with the largest celebrity in the house, THE WORD OF GOD.  Picture after picture, facebook profiles came alive with young people showcasing, “I took a picture with the book – The BIBLE.”  Can’t remember the last time a Bible created such a stir…  
Photo: Youth Leaders gather around the WTB.  In the foreground are the GNYC Handwritten Bible (L) and GNYC Travelling Bible (R)  Photo by Lenox Cohall

Cortes expressed special thanks to the Coordinators & Instructors who worked on this project, under the leadership of Teddy Williamson (Program) and Yuri Rivas (GNYC Traveling Bible & GNYC Hand-Written Bible).  Special thanks to many youth, young adults, Adventurers, Pathfinders, and adults who made it in the middle of the week for a beautiful service.


By:  Rohann Wellington
       Associate Director of Communication