Dr. G. Earl Knight Elected President of GNYC
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Greater New York Conference elects new Administration

Today at the 54th  Regular Constituency Session of the Greater New York Conference, Dr.  G. Earl Knight was elected president.

Knight an Ordained Minister has served the Seventh-day Adventist Church for
the past 33 years of which 22 has been with the Greater New York Conference.

Knight, recognizing the diversity that exists in this conference expressed his resolve to be the President for all people.

Dr. Gerson Santos was elected Secretary and  Pastor Carlos Gonzalez was elected Treasurer.

The list of departmental directors are below:


Communication                                             Rohann Wellington
Family Life/Ministerial                                 Steve Cassimy
Community Service/Health Ministries          Ruben Merino
Education Superintendent                             David Cadavero
Personal Ministries and Sabbath School       Alanzo Smith
Publishing Director                                       Jose Dominguez
Stewardship                                                  Reginald Barthelemy
Mens Ministries                                            Referred to Excom
Religious Liberty                                          Referred to Excom
Womens & Children Ministry                      Referred to Excom
Youth & Pathfinder Ministries                      Jose Cortes
English Ministries                                         Bancroft Daughma
Franco-Haitian Ministries                             Moab Honore
Hispanic Ministries                                       Michael Guerrero
Korean Ministries                                         Jin Taek Kim
Multi-Ethnic Ministries                                Herman Kuma

Rohann Wellington
Communication Director

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