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1. Dear Dr. Smith, My brother and I have not spoken for 2 years even though we attend the same church. I tried to reach out to him on many occasions but he refuses to talk to me. You see, we have never gotten along as youngsters because he says that mom loves me more than him. Now that we are older, I think that this petty stuff should stop. I want to love my brother and invite him over for dinner but he can't seem to get past this. Dr. Smith, what can I do about this stubborn brother of mine?

Dear Friend, with Stubborn Brother Your brother is hurting and appears to be blaming you for his pain. It is not your fault that your mother loves you. However, it may only be his perception that she loves you more than him. You may try confronting him to explain that you are unhappy with the strained relationship between the both of you. After all, you are blood relations, and also brother and sister in Christ Jesus. If he refuses, then you must admit that you have tried.

Pray that God will give him the Spirit of forgiveness. You may ask the pastor to mediate between both of you. Try to be consistent, be cordial to him and his family if he has one. Does your mom know that there is this impasse between both of you? You may want to have a family discussion. Do your Christian duty, love those who are difficult to get along with. Remember the story of Joseph, you may be the one to save him some day! Keep courageous and may God keep blessing.

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