03- Should Christian married couples pray before having sex?
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3. Dear Dr. Smith
, being a Seventh Day Adventist Christian, I have heard some Seventh Day Adventist couples say that a married couple should pray before they have sex so that the Lord will guide their behavior in the bedroom. My question is, if the Bible says that the wife's body belongs to the husband and the husband's body belongs to the wife, why is praying before the act necessary? Is there any sense to this statement? Could you shed some light on this issue for me please.

Dear Adventist Christian, the statement you heard about “praying before sex” is as ridiculous as the notion of a “round square”. It is neither Biblical nor from the Spirit of Prophecy. Sex in the context of marriage is beautiful and should not be confused with an intimate prayer relationship with God. There are some people however, who act over-religious and seek to impose their kind of religiosity on others. Prayer is an appropriate act of worship and meditation with God. Sex in marriage is an appropriate act of intimacy with one’s spouse, they are separate but necessary. It is not prayer that determines the behavior in the bed room, it is the individual’s relationship with God.