08 -How does a Christian woman remain pure, yet be sexually attractive and sensuous?
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 8. Dear Dr. Smith, how does a Christian woman remain pure with integrity and decency, yet be sexually attractive and sensuous? Attractive woman.

Dear Attractive Woman, like any moral person, the Christian woman has an obligation to represent the code of ethics that guides her behavior. A Christian woman is endowed with inherent feminine charm that is characteristic of the female person. She uses this to attract the male of her specie. She acts with grace and decor. She displays a sense of confidence, competence, and assurance that depicts and appeals.

She is pleasant to be around. She is sensitive to the needs of others. She is nurturing and caring.
While she competes with all other women for male attention, she is tolerant and respectful of all. She is constructive, productive and honest. She is self-respecting. She has good self-esteem. She lives up to the principles of purity. She protects and preserves her virginity for marriage. She acts appropriately in the presence of all people, not just males.

She loves people and is responsive to hurt, pain and injustice.
She is well groomed. She is neat and takes pride in her appearance without being gaudy. She has a dress code but is not inappropriately trendy. She strikes the middle ground. She speaks softly and calmly, but yet is assertive. Being sexually attractive is not only physical, but involves the whole person. She establishes boundaries and commands respect. She advocates for good moral behavior and is a good role model for young people in general, but young women in particular.