13 -What feelings lead a man an a woman to be in true love?
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 13. Dear Dr. Smith,
What feelings, characteristics that lead a man and woman to be in a true love relationship, to have true compatibility?  What should love include in order for one to know that someone is or that you yourself is a true life long partner?

Thank you.
May God continue to bless you and your ministry.

Dear Friend,
According to Richard Sternberg, true love is based on a balance of three elements, commitment, intimacy and passion and I would add a fourth element, “spirituality”. There are different types of love, friendship, infatuation, empty love, romance, lustful relationships, companionship and true love.

True love should be the foundation stone for any relationship. It is composed of mutual caring and trust, open communication of feelings and sensations, and of course, it involves risks. There should be respect, warmth, acceptance, trust, and understanding.

True love should include:
•    Feeling good about each other and the relationship
•    Treating one another with respect and courtesy
•    Communicating clearly and expressing affirmation
•    Feeling free to question each other and exploring problems
•    Endorsements by relatives and friends
•    Building each other up
•    A firm faith in God

Thanks for your question and may God continue to bless you too.
Dr. Smith