20 -I recently had a miscarriage,
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20. Dear Dr. Smith
I recently had a miscarriage, I think about it all the time and I have asked [several ministries] about what will become of my baby but none know how to answer me. Will the lord hand me my baby at the resurrection? I have read psalm 139 and truly believe that God cares about that life which He starts to form. Up to this week I was content just believing that I will see my baby again even though it died at 10 weeks in my womb.

However I just heard a sermon [from a very popular preacher] and he says that if all the miscarried and aborted children would go to heaven then heaven will be a  nursery because babies die all the time. He said that not all babies will make it [to heaven] because it depends on their parents. [To me] those were some harsh words. I am a sinner but I always repent and I am trying hard to walk with the Lord but sometimes I fall.  My husband is a [Christian] too but he doesn’t go to church and is not really in the things of God. Does that mean God will not spare my baby and let it be in heaven just because my and husband I aren’t perfect? Why did he allow me to conceive? What do you think/ will I see my baby in heaven even though it never lived? Please be honest and clear. Thank you

Dear Concerned Mother,
ou have asked me a specific question, "will you see your baby again in Heaven even though it never lived?" I must honestly say, I don't know the answer to your question also. The Bible does not address this issue neither can I glean anything from the writings of the Spirit of Prophecy. I can only hope and pray that you will see your baby again, but I have no Biblical grounds to support my hope.

I am posting your question on my site with the hope that if any of my readers have more insight in to this question they can email me their response and I will pass it on to you.

It is significant however, that you refer to your baby as “it”
To quote your phrase, “though it never lived,” have you notice that you did not give the child a gender? I wondered why. Do you have a name for the baby? Do you have pictures of the baby in your womb?

I can understand your desire and broken feelings. I can only encourage you to accept the reality of your lost and by God's grace move on. Do not mummify the baby, but accept the lost as God’s will. Do you remember the story of Rachel? The one thing she desired most, that of having children, took her life.

It must have been devastating to you after hearing that preacher’s sermon, and this is because you have not yet healed. A miscarriage is never ever an easy experience, but you must go back to God in faith and ask for healing.

The issue of how babies are saved is left entirely up to God and I am not in a position to comment on God’s will for your baby. I pray that you husband will return to his former love and that you will have a closer walk with Jesus.

May you find great strength today and may His grace keep you strong.

God bless.