32 - He told me yesterday that he is co-dependent
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32. Dear Dr. Smith,

I have a question for you. My husband and I have been doing some self-analysis recently. He told me just yesterday that he is codependent. I went online to find out exactly what that meant. There was a great deal of talk about "helping others" and "sacrificing one's own needs for everyone else". According to these terms, I would also be codependent, more so than my hubby. For clarity, I'd like your understanding. Are these terms we should apply to ourselves as Christians and therefore seek help, or are we victims of the world's once again making the right seem wrong?


Dear Friend

Thanks for asking your question. Concerning your husband's self-diagnosis, I am not sure I know what to say. It's like someone diagnosing himself saying I have cancer, and you are asking what medication you should start giving this person. A better approach would be to get a professional doing his diagnosis. There is a thing called the "placebo effect" the long and short of it is, "belief kills and belief cures" If he thinks he is co-dependent, is co-dependent, but what if he doesn't think so? The term Co-dependent is more frequently used in a clinical sense, however you seem to be applying it in a spiritual sense. So, is he spiritually co-dependent or clinically co-dependent? Please advise.