33 - I am the daughter of a highly functional alcoholic
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33. Dear Dr. Smith

I am the daughter of a highly functional alcoholic. I myself have a food addiction. I have issues. I have prayed, my church has prayed, my husband and mother have prayed. And I was healed! for about a moment.

Something always happens to set me back. Why isn't God helping me overcome? Why won't He just HEAL me and make me normal? My life is affecting my children, who love me soooo much. I don't want them to grow up in the shadow of this problem. I don't want them to have my "issues".

I want to say that I'll do anything to be free, but I'm not sure I know how to accept the help I would be getting. I can be a bit obstinate about having my food, even though I really want to not want it. I'm not sure I know how to live comfortably free from it. I just want Him to heal me. What else can I do?


My Dear Friend,

You cannot have it both ways. You can’t want healing form a sickness and love the cause of the sickness. I cannot want to prevent developing lung cancer, but love the taste of cigarettes. I cannot hate being an alcoholic yet love to drink alcohol. I will have to make a tough choice, as the Bible says, “ye cannot serve God and mammon.”

You said you were healed for about a moment. I do not know if that was said facetiously, however, please remember this maxim, “once healed does not mean always healed.” There are certain elements that cause sickness and weakness, and if once healed from these, we returned to old habits, there is nothing to say that the sickness or weakness will not return, even if it was God who did the healing in the first place. That’s why each time Jesus healed someone He admonished them, “go and sin no more.” 

Your last paragraph suggest that you are not yet ready for the change you desire, until then, no praying, no fasting, no clinical intervention will work. It must first start with your willingness to deny yourself of that which you may love the most, seek clinical help and rely on God's power to keep you strong.


God bless.