36. Any "hanky panky" going on?
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36. Dear Dr. Smith

Thanks for your response. It was just a feeling… there is absolutely no “hanky panky” going on between me and my first ex-wife. We only had conversations.

But what about my prospects for getting married again (to anyone) since my 2nd wife left me and we got divorced?  She chose to leave me so does that condemn me to being alone?


Dear No Hanky Panky,

I am please to hear that there is no hanky panky going on between you and your first ex-wife, and that it was just a “feeling” I had, a bad one too. However, the thoughts you expressed, suggest that your mind was not running in the right direction. When you do have to talk to her again, focus on issues relating to the children.


Your prospect of getting re-married, Biblically speaking is “Nil.” You see, your divorce was not on scriptural grounds. I believe God in His infinite wisdom made the exceptive clause in Matt 19: 9, because He knew that people would want to break their marriages for any and every reason.


Marriage is a serious, sacred thing, and should not be entered into wantonly or flippantly. Here you are talking about a 3rd marriage and you are just a young man. At this rate when you reach my age you would have gone through 10 or more marriages.


I know that this may sound hard, but it is God who made the rules, I am just explaining them. On a note of caution, I am aware of many people who have been divorced and re-married and it’s not according to the word of God. But remember, that does not make it right, and they will have to answer in the day of judgment. A word to the wise is sufficient.

God bless.


Dr. Smith.