38 - He and his girlfriend are intimate with each other
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 38. Dear Dr. Smith


I have a friend, who he and his girlfriend are intimate with each other, but they never go all the way. They both have the will not to go all the way, meaning actual intercourse, and that is going well for some time now but they make out fairly heavy.

Is it wrong to have heavy making out even though no actual intercourse takes place?


Thank you in advance for your response.


Dear Friend with a Friend,

Your friend and his girlfriend are committing fornication. The Bible speaks of “lust of the heart” this is “fornication of the heart”. But what do you mean when you say that they make out fairly heavy? Does this mean that either or both reached orgasm frequently? Dose it mean oral sex? Doses it mean masturbating in front of each other or fondling each other? Just what is making out heavy?


Did you say that they both have the “will” not to go all the way? Well, is it possible that they both could have the “will” by the grace of God, not to begin the journey at all and wait on marriage? And did you say that this has been “going well” for some time now? Maybe you meant, this has been going “BAD” for some time now in the eyes of God. Remember, the Apostle Paul says, whatsoever you do, do ALL to the honor and glory of God.


You did not say wether or not your friends are engaged, but it does not matter, engaged or not, there is a strong likelihood that this relationship will not translate into marriage, and if it did, they will be having problems. These two individuals need to start respecting themselves, respecting each other and most of all respecting their God.


Please tell your “FRIEND” I say stop it.   Oh! by the way, I do think you are that FRIEND!!