40 - As a follow up to my first question on polygamy
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40. Dear Dr. Smith,

 As a follow up to my first question on polygamy, so does this mean if you are a second wife that God doesn’t bless your marriage and what about the children?


The Children are victims of their parent’s decision to go against the word of God. Sometimes the sins of the parents visit the children and sometimes God winks at them. Only God knows how he will treat those situations. There are many children who are born out of wedlock, but it does not mean that God has put a curse on them.


The question of a second marriage is quite something else. It's like you are asking me, dose God bless an alcoholic? Or Does God bless a fornicator? God blesses all of His children, however, when they knowingly do wrong, then there are consequences. There has to be a standard in marital relationships and God has already set that standard, it's not for you or me to re-define it, but to accept it and to accentuate it. I hope this answers your question.