41 - As I interpret I Cor 7:10, it leaves room for being separated, or even divorced
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 41. Dear Dr. Smith,

I was wondering how you interpret 1 Corinthians 7:10 "And unto the married I command, [yet] not I, but the Lord, Let not the wife depart from [her] husband:  But and if she depart, let her remain unmarried, or be reconciled to [her] husband: and let not the husband put away [his] wife." As I interpret it, it leaves room for being separated, or even divorced, if there isn't adultery, as long as the wife does not remarry. Is this an accurate interpretation?

Dear Lady Seeking Separation

Yes, that is true, except the part about divorce, there is no room for divorce in 1Cor. 7:10, and the text is not as simple as you are making it out to be. A separation should only come if both, or at least one party has tried desperately to save the marriage. Trying here means seeking professional help.

 Now if I am wrong please forgive me, but I believe you have made up your mind to be separated from you husband and so it does not matter what I say, you will continue your search until you find someone who will justify your desire. In that case, stop your searching and just do what you feel justified to do. 

Your questions (both past and present) are not in the realm of, how can I make my home a better home?  How can my husband be helped?  How can we save this marriage? What will be the emotional health of the children? But instead, you are searching for texts and or reasons for separation or divorce. Well, why are you then going through all this trouble of asking more questions? Obviously, you are not satisfied with the ones I gave before. If your conscience sets you free, then you are free in deed. 

It makes no sense to respond to this question in detail, because if you don't get what you are looking for, you will just not agree with my answer. So, have a great day and may God keep blessing.

 Dr. Smith.