44 - I recently find out that my husband is infertile
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44. Dear Dr. Smith, 

May God be with you and you family. I am a Seventh Day Adventist married woman. I have been married for xxx years and recently find out that my husband is infertile. The doctor told us, that we can only have babies by having a donor sperm. Are we allowed to do this? I'm, worried about the Christian view of this issue.

Thank you so much, 


Dear Desperate, 

My heart goes out for you and the situation you have found yourself in. The answer to your question is YES. Thee is nothing in your faith or the principles of the Church to prevent you from going through that procedure. Pray about it, do your home work, talk it over with each other and make sure that you are both 100% in agreement, it can't be 95% and 100% it has to be 100% all the way for both of you. May God grant you the desire of your heart according to His will. 

Thanks for asking and God bless.