50 - So then is jealousy wrong?
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50. Dear Dr. Smith
God says" I am a jealous God" ....Exodus 34:14.. Exodus 20:5...Deuteronomy 6: 15 If we are created in the image and likeness of God...wouldn't that indicate that we are jealous beings?.......so then is jealousy wrong?


Thanks, Curious.


Dear Curious,

Jealousy can either be a negative or a positive emotion. God’s jealousy is always positive. His jealousy is His unwillingness to share us with Satan. "Not willing that any should perish" He is jealous when Satan owns any of His creation. Man’s jealousy can also be positive. To be jealous if your spouse is fooling around, to be jealous if your friend is disloyal, or to be jealous if your child is showing more attention and love to others than to you, are prime examples of positive jealousy. Negative jealousy, on the other hand is toxic, narcissistic, controlling, possessive, or abusive. This is the kind of jealousy that is dysfunctional and pathological. So you see, it’s not wrong to express jealous, as long as it is positive. However, as children of God we are to avoid expressing negative jealousy.

God bless and thanks for asking.  


Dr. Smith