58 - What are the symptoms of sexual addiction? How can one know?
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58. Dear Dr. Smith,

What are the symptoms of sexual addiction? How can one know?

Dear Questioner

There are several symptoms that are associated with sexual addiction. Eg.,

1.     Consistent use of pornography

2.     Frequent use of Cyber sex

3.     Masturbation

4.     Extra-marital affairs

5.     Prostitution or use of prostitutes

6.     An insatiable desire for frequent sex

7.     Exhibitionism

8.     Sexual harassment

9.     Stalking or raping

10.  Multiple sex partners

11.  Infatuated with breast and buttocks

12.  Frequently engaging sexual conversations


A sex addict is a person who is obsessed with sexual fantasies and sexual desires. His/her thoughts are distorted and irrational and he/she generally denies that there is a problem and excused the behavior. Causative factors are numerous including, poor socialization, systemic factors, early exposure to sexual images and obsessive-compulsive disorder.  Such an individual needs clinical help and if left untreated will either self-destruct or break up his/her marriage. Sexual addiction is a “monster” and should not be taken lightly; it grows on the individual until he/she reaches the point of no return or in trouble with the law.