60 - What is your opinion concerning homosexuals?
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60. Dear Dr. Smith,
What is your opinion concerning homosexuals, are they born or made? I am aware of some young people from two different churches whose parents saw some conduct and reflection of homosexuality from their childhood. I have talked with some of them and they told me that they feel inclined to the same sex. What do you think? Thank you.


Dear Concerned Member,

Thanks for your question. I do not believe homosexuals are born I believe they are made. I view it as a learnt behavior. It's all part of their socialization no matter how young. The Bible is very clear in it’s teachings against homosexuality (see Rom 1:26 &27, Jude 7&8, Gen, 19 and Judges 19). Ellen White says;


“We are not ignorant of the fall of Sodom because of the corruption of its inhabitants. The prophet has here [Eze. 16:49] specified the particular evils which led to dissolute morals. We see the very sins now existing in the world which were in Sodom and which brought upon her the wrath of God, even to her utter destruction.” 4BC 1161


I had the experience of listening to a mother appealing to a committee, of which I was a part of, pleading with us saying that we need to understand that her son was born gay. She claimed that she watched him grow up and that he had no desire for girls and women. She even wrote a book, "My son was born gay". Well, guess what, the boy is now married and he is married to a woman. Of course she is not happy with his choice because her book has lost it's luster. 


While there might be empirical factors that can be emphasized when discussing the causation of homosexuality, there is no genetic or chromosomal aberration underlying the disposition of homosexuality.


I hope those young people you have spoken to will get the right guidance before it is too late. Thanks for raising such a difficult issue.


God bless.


Dr. Smith