64. Why are ladies taking longer to get married?
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64. Dear Dr. Smith,
Why are ladies taking longer to get married?
Concerned Friend.

Dear Concerned Friend,
It is true that ladies are taking longer to get married these days, here are some statistical facts on the median age for women getting married for the first time.
•    In 1980 it was 22.0
•    IN 1990 it was 23.9
•    In 1995 it was 24.5
•    In 2000 it was 25.1
•    In 2005 it was 25.5
•    In 2007 it was 26.0
Several variables can be sighted for this phenomenon. Such as:
1.    Can’t find the right person
2.    Not enough qualified available men
3.    Some want to finish their career first
4.    Some refuse to marry outside of their religious faith
5.    Want to be more financially secure
6.    The fear of committing to the wrong person
7.    Insecurity about the stability of marriage
8.    Some want to enjoy their independence a little longer
9.    Some women choose to co-habituate
10.    Childhood wounds that have not be healed
11.    Poorly developed self-esteem
12.    Previous experience of hostile or toxic relationship
13.    Fear of rejection
14.    Fear of a repeated broken engagement
15.    Difficulty in getting the male to commit
16.    They are professionals and less likely need a man for support
17.   They are high wage earners, hence less incentive to get marry early
18.  A desire to travel and do things that they may not be able to do in marriage
(Thanks to my friend Desiree for her contribution of the last 3 points)
If you can think of any other variable, I will be happy to consider it. Have a great day and God bless.

Dr. Smith