65. Are men taking longer to get married? If so, why?
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65. Dear Dr. Smith
I just read your answer to the question, “why are ladies taking longer to get married?” Interesting answer. What I would like to know however, is, are men taking longer to get married? If so, why?
I am eagerly awaiting your response.

Dear Eagerly Awaiting,
I am glad you find my answer to the question “why are ladies taking longer to get married?” interesting. Your question about men has some similarities to the women, however, you should see some vast differences. Please note the following median age for men marrying for the first time.

•    In 1980 it was 24.7
•    IN 1990 it was 26.1
•    In 1995 it was 26.9
•    In 2000 it was 26.8
•    In 2005 it was 27.0
•    In 2007 it was 27.7

In the last 27 years, the median age of men for first time marriage increased from 24.7 to 27.7, and increase of 3 years. For women over the same period, the increase is 4 years. Women are still taking longer than me to get married.  Here are some reasons why men are waiting.

1.    Fear of commitment
2.    Don’t have enough financial security
3.    Prefer to co-habituate first
4.    Waiting to fine the perfect lover
5.    Too many choices
6.    Narcissism
7.    Sexual convenience
8.    Less societal pressure to get married
9.    Poor Socialization
10.    Afraid of becoming responsible
11.    No biological clock ticking
12.    Afraid of divorce and the financial risk
13.    Not ready to give up basic freedom
14.    Need a skill or a degree
15.    Religious variables

Hope you will find this answer interesting as well, God bless and have a great day.

Dr. Smith