67 b -- A 24-year-old male had sex with a 14-year-old girl (FB responses)
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 Oh let me help you with that one doc, this is easy. Tell the preacher he'd better call the authorities. Consent or no consent it is Statutory rape!!  (J-A B)

What is church discipline? If the parents refuse to protect their child, they should also go to jail. (SC)

As a law enforcement officer, let me tell you; It's not up to the parent to press charges, he should be arrested plain and simple. At 14 she cannot give consent in the State of NY  (WA)

This Pastor will report...I have constantly warned my church l through that that's my position. The Clergy has messed up enough. Enough is enough (EGM)

That is rape, just like u cannot baptize a baby, he needs to be in jail n the parents are making joke. Church or church not, the authorities need to be involve, goodness we need to pray  (GC)

Well pastor or no pastor, he is an adult and should by now know how to control his feelings. Even if he saw this young lady half dressed he should exercise self control, she could be very well be the age of one of his daughter or grand. (EL)

The man should be sent up the River (Sing-Sing)  (RL)

Well just wanted to point out that, 1. We are all assuming this church is in the U.S, some countries the age of consent is significantly lower (even at 14 I believe) otherwise I can't see how this man is so confident talking about the girl's consent. However even in a country where it’s 'legal', that's such a huge difference in age... Like everybody else though I'm only familiar with discipline under US law, not sure what church discipline does.  (PB)

If this occurred in a society where the age of consent is 14 or below, I doubt the parents would consider this rape.  (SC)

Most likely true except if they simply do not like/despise the young man for their daughter and despite whatever local law they personally believe their daughter shouldn't engage in such activity until she's 30 (PB)

This is a situation, in which a more experienced adult took advantage of an innocent girl who is looking for attention in the wrong direction. Yes, I believe the pastor, and church members may choose to keep the media out of this case, but is that the best solution? However, I believe the 24 years old man should be disciplined in a way that will allow him to take responsibility for his inappropriate behavior. It’s an opportunity where the pastor and board may need to review and implement new family policies that will prohibit such actions in the future. The 14 years old victim, definitely needs counseling to better understand her worth and making good choices. (MMS)