70 -- Is it good for husband and wife to take a break from each other?
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Dear Dr. Smith
Two weeks ago we had a guest speaker at church for Family Life Weekend. In one of his presentations he mentioned that it was good for husbands and wives to take breaks from each other, what is your take on that? I do not agree! E.g., Eve left her husband’s side and what happen? Looking forward to hearing from you. God Bless

Dear Friend,
I do not know the context in which the presenter made that statement, therefore, I cannot comment on it. However, in addressing the issue of husbands and wives taking breaks from each other, I would say it depends on the reason behind the practice.

If the breaks are attempts to withdraw from each other, then that is dysfunctional. Withdrawal can be either physical, emotional or psychological, each one is just as dangerous to the relationship. If there are conflicts, both parties should attempt to enter into “the couple’s dialogue” with the view of bringing closure or resolution.

On the other hand, if the breaks are for mental processing, emotional composure, time out in a heated argument, or just out with friends or visiting families. Then, by all means, that is healthy for the relationship. Both parties are not Siamese twins, they need their togetherness as well as their individuality.