71 -- I have not found such great faith, no not even in "Israel" (the Church)
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Dear Dr. Smith

I'm talking three times a day for the past month to a Christian gentleman who is a spiritual giant and member of a non-denominational church. I am meeting him tomorrow. He's flying out to meet me.

This guy studies the Bible at 5am every day, has a prayer partner from 6-7 and can go toe to toe with me on the types and shadows of the sanctuary. I have not found such great faith, no not in "Israel". I know he will soon propose, because we've talked about it.

I've sent him Desire of Ages, am praying that God leads him to a love of the Sabbath truth. Just want your comments on my heartfelt decision to accept his proposal even before he accepts the Sabbath.


Dear Great Faith Finder   
There is not much I can say at this point. Your cup of love is so full that anything I say will just run over. But here are the red flags even though you may not listen NOW.
    1. Talking 3 times a day for the past month is not time enough for someone to make a proposal, neither is it time enough for you to accept a proposal. This sudden rush of love will hurt you eventually.
    2. Accepting a “one-month” friendship proposal even before he accepts the Sabbath is like putting the cart before the horse and asking the cart to drag the horse. You will be disappointed, even with your “great found faith in Israel.”
    3. A high sense of religiosity does not render one compatible to the next person. There are other personal and or systemic factors to consider. You will understand what I mean later.
    4. You can understand why the divorce rate is so high, here are you, having met someone in the space of ONE MONTH, a long distant relationship for God sake, and you have a heartfelt desire to accept his proposal.  This is a classic example of leaping before looking or the “inmate running the institution”.

God bless and I wish you His mercies as you navigate your life with your spiritual giant.

Dear Dr. Smith
Thank you for your candid comments. It's fun to be in love, but I don't want to be disappointed or hurt. Most of all I don't want to be another statistic, so I'm seeking Godly counsel. And I really do appreciate your advice. I'm hoping I can overrule my heart and wait till he's ready to accept the Sabbath. We'll talk about it and pray for good sense.

Dr. Smith: 
You are welcome, but remember; the issue is not just accepting the Sabbath. If that was all we would not have three-quarters of the divorces we have in Church today. There are other variables to consider.  Please see my answer to question #06 at gnyc.org  “Ask Dr. Smith”.  You have my prayers. Be strong.