74 -- Is Mental illness like schizophrenia a demon possession?
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Dear Dr. Smith,

Is mental illness like schizophrenia a demon possession? how can we as believers help a child with this condition? What does the bible say about this how do we cast out this demon?
Dear Friend,
Mental Illness is not like schizophrenia; schizophrenia is a form of Mental Illness. No form of Mental Health is of demon possession; it is just another sickness like, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. A child who is suffering with a Mental Health condition needs to see a Mental Health Counselor. Nothing is wrong in praying for a child with Mental Illness, as a matter of fact, any form of sickness that a person has, prayer should be offered on their behalf. However, not only should we pray for them but we should seek out the best medical care.
There is no dichotomy between spiritual intervention and medical intervention. We pray for people who are going to do surgery, this does not mean that we do not have faith in God. God is expecting us to pray as well as to get medical attention.
The Bible references cases of Mental Illness such as epilepsy; Mtt 4:24 & Matt 17: 14-17, this, however, must not be confused with “demon possession” or “unclean spirit”. You may seek to cast out unclean spirits and demon possession but Mental Heath issues have to be treated by a professional.
I hope my response brings some clarity, God bless and remember, “for you I am praying”
Dr. Smith