77. We want to have a baby but we are not married.
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The following conversation took place between a Facebook person and myself;

Dear Dr. Smith

I am in a relationship with this guy of whom I love so much. We want to settle down, he lives in xxxxx and I am living in yyyyy. Okay, he came home to see my parents.

Dr. Smith:  OK, so what is the problem?

FB: We want to have a baby but we are not married as yet, but my family is against that, they want us to get married first. However I don’t want to follow my parent’s advice, and this I think, is not sitting well with them.

Dr. Smith: Are you for real? Are you crazy?

FB:  I don't think I am understanding you? Why did you say that?

Dr. Smith: Did I hear you say you want to have a baby before marriage? And that you are ignoring your parent's advise?

FB:  Yeah! 

Dr. Smith: That would be your biggest mistake. I guarantee you that in a shot while you will be left with a baby and he will be back in his country. I know you can't see that now but I think only time will prove me right.

FB: But we will do the customary wedding after we have kids.

Dr. Smith:  lol, keep dreaming
  • It's called empty speculation
  • It's called endless heartache
  • It's called miserable thinking
  • It's called trouble in the making
  • It’s called wishful thinking
  • It's called sinful planning

FB:  Really?

Dr. Smith: Yea, really! I can see you are sexually active. Tell me a little about your career goal? Where are you with your education? What are your personal plans apart from having babies?

FB:  Pastor, I think you are being harsh on me. Anyway, I wanted some advice from you. I am a university second year student.

Dr. Smith: Harsh on you! did you say harsh? have you ever heard the word "Surgery"? isn't it painful, harsh if you please, but it gives the desired result.

FB: Okay but that was a little bit harsh

Dr. Smith: Yes indeed, you are absolutely right, but you needed to hear it that way. I have to shock you into reality. You see, you are not listening to your parents, you are only listening to yourself and your lover. Stop feeling with your heart and start thinking with your brain. Besides, remember the word of God.

FB: Anyway thanks for the advice

Dr. Smith:  I hope you will take it. Please understand, when your thoughts and plans are distorted, when you have drifted away form God's principles, when you have violated moral values, and you ask me for counsel, I cannot cut the corners, I have to come straight, I have to shun the sham and tell it like it is.

You may not be pleased with my response, the truth always hurts, but one day you will either thank me for my "harsh" counsel or regret that you did not take them.

Remember, you asked for the counsel, you cannot go to the doctor and then choose the prescription. Please take the medication and stop complaining that it is bitter. Some medicine are bitter but they work.
I will be praying for you, God bless and go do the right thing.

FB:  Thank you.

Dr. Smith:  You are welcome, Bye!

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