79 -- She is six (6) years old and her father molested her
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79.  Dear Dr. Smith
Please pray for my little girl.  She is six years old and her father molested her. He told her he would kill her if she told. The authorities have yet to charge him. He had left her alone for six months and then he called wanting to get her. That was back in December. I didn’t let her go due to the fact that he might hurt her and she is terrified of him. It’s been almost four months and we are still waiting a court date because he filed for full custody. Please pray for my little girl that God will keep her safe and free from ever being abused again. This is the hardest thing I have ever been trough but God has brought me through it. Also please pray that God will give me the strength to be strong and wait for Him! Thank you so much and God bless you!!

Dear Mother of Abused Daughter
In the United States of America any adult who sexually molested a minor will be charged if the case is proven. From your address, I gather that you are living in the US, therefore, I cannot understand why the authorities have not charged him as yet, and how could he possible get custody of the child. So I have a few painful questions to ask you. Please bear with me.
Did it really occur or are you trying to prevent him from gaining custody?
Are you angry with your ex and are you trying to make a case against him?
Did your daughter say it happen or did she hear you say it happen?

If the molestation did take place, I know you will be angry at my questions. However, I want to dig at your conscience to ascertain the veracity of your claim. You see if it did not happened, the negative consequences for your daughter and the daughter father relationship could be impaired for life.

On the other hand, if it did happen (and I have no reason to doubt your story) then you should be pressing the Social Worker as well as the police for action. It is reprehensible for a six year old to be molested and nothing legally has happened as yet. What kind of a monster that can be to molest a six year old, and worst of all a father? May God have mercy on his soul in hell if he does not repent. I can understand the harrow and pain that both of you are experiencing. And I promise that I will be praying for you both, and especially your daughter.

Apart from the legal aspect that you must not let up on, here are some steps to take.

•    Reassure your daughter of your love for her
•    Constantly remind her that it was not her fault
•    Give here frequent hugs and kisses
•    Allow her to talk out her feelings and give her support
•    Watch to see if she has regressed to bed-wetting, thumb sucking, crying or don’t want the lights to be turned off at nights.
•    Get professional help for her and yourself.

As painful as this experience is, you both can overcome it. Train your daughter to become a survivor and not a victim. Watch here carefully and do everything to keep her safe. Be strong, God bless. And remember, “4 U I am praying.”