GNYC Elects New Women's Ministry Leader
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Greater New York Conference elects new Women’s Ministry Leader.

The Executive Committee of the Greater New York Conference in its April 17, 2011 meeting voted Angelia Franics-Brown as the new Women’s Ministry Leader for this quadrennial effective June 1, 2011.  Francis-Brown comes to office with a wealth of experience in women’s ministry in the Greater New York Conference and the Atlantic Union.  She is a member of the North Bronx Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Francis-Brown replaces Yvonne Knight who served for the past 10 years.
The executive committee has now completed its appointment of officers as requested by the constituency on September 19, 2010. 

Other Offices filled include:

Adventist Book Center Manager – Nereida Harris
Auditor – Dalin Lindsay
Camp Berkshire Director – Hector Perez
Trust Services – Claude Morgan
Men’s Ministry – Alanzo Smith
Children’s Ministry – Barbara Hyde
Rohann D. Wellington
Communication Director

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