85 -- What's worng with rock, hip-hop, rap, etc., Music?
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Dear Dr. Smith

My Parents are always fussing about my music. What’s wrong with rock, hip hop, rap, etc., music? How can you tell what music is good and what is bad? I love to listen to my music.

Dear Music Lover,

I understand the concern of your parents especially because of the degrading value of most music these days. Let’s look at some facts

1.    The language. Most of the lyrics are filled with filthy curse words. As a Christian, you should not be listening to something that is filled with such explicit language; it only corrupts your mind degrade your soul.

2.    The theme. Most of the themes of these songs are about murder, depression, violence, hate, revenge, etc. This cannot be wholesome for you.

3.    The message. Messages like ‘it’s OK to do drugs, crimes, physical abuse, rob and steal, rape, etc. There is no redeeming value in these messages.

4.    The degradation. It is not uncommon for these songs to describe women in the most degrading fashion. The “B” word, “Whore” “Dogs” etc., are just a few examples.

5.    The copycat. Millions of young people, who never smoke, drink, do drugs, curse, become immoral, rape, commit murder, etc., have done so as a result of the influence of their music.

6.   The Satanic influence. A large number of these songs are demonic in nature. They draw from the occult, devil worship, spiritism, etc. Before you know it, your mind is drawn into another world, and your heart is far from God.


Plato once wrote that music had the awesome power to shape society, and was he ever so right. We can see the societal regression as a result of the music. The Music Industry is “Classically Conditioning” young people to become depressed, fight at school, get in trouble, do drugs, become sexually active, rebel against parental value, etc.

When young people listen to these graphic lyrics hour after hour, day after day, lyrics of human torture, suicidal ideation, rebellion and death themes, eventually, they put in practice what their music has been telling them to do.

AIDS has never killed anyone. It only destroys their immune system, after that is done, other diseases that should not have killed them, take over and kill them.
The same can be said of Music Lyrics. By itself, Music Lyrics does not kill anyone. It only destroys their Violence Immune System and conditions them to derive pleasure from violence.

To answer your question how can you tell what music is good and what music is bad, I leave with you this Biblical text;
"Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things". (Phil 4:8)

Please listen to your parents and do the right thing. In the long run, it will be for your own good. I will be praying for you.