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Dear Dr. Smith,

Thank you for always being there for us whenever we need your help. Now, last week I paid my gynecologist a visit and she told me that I have fibroids and that they need to be removed surgically. She also advised that I should plan on having a baby as soon as I heal so as not to have the fibroids growing again. Now Doc, that's my problem right there. I am not married and will not be married as soon as possible. My question is Doc, can I get pregnant to save my womb from harboring fibroids again while I am single?

Dear Friend with Fibroids,

You know the answer to your question. It is a big NO! At the same time, I am not so sure of the medical advise about having a baby to avoid fibroids growing, but seeing that I am into psychology and not medicine, I will differ.
However, pregnancy is not an option, you don't have a child to avoid fibroid growth, you have a child because you are ready to bring a child into the world to provide all the warmth and care he/she can receive from two loving parents who are committed to live together in the holy estate of matrimony.

It is one thing to have a child; it is another thing to parent that child. Parenting today, has fallen into disrepute. More children are growing without structure and boundary, and the societal regression is a testimony to this fact. We are reaping the world wind of children growing up without their father in the home, and the statistics on that is appalling.

I do understand your concern and need, but you cannot compromise Christian principles to satisfy a biological need and a human desire. If we do the Bible becomes irrelevant, and we are left without a chart and compass. I pray that God will work a miracle for you, but whatever you do, do all to the honor and glory of God.

God bless.
Dr. Smith.