94 -- What are some of the things I should know before deciding to get married?
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Dear Dr. Smith,

What are some of the things I should know before deciding to get married? Desperately in love.

Dear Desperately in love,

There are more than a thousand things you should know before getting married, however, in the interest of time and space I will narrow it down to thirty two. I call them, “The 32 Things One Should Know Before Getting Married.”

1.    Know if you are ready for marriage
2.    Know if your partner is ready for marriage
3.    Know each other before getting marry
4.    Know a lot about your partner’s family
5.    If there is a divorce, know that it is final and what his/her obligations are
6.    Know the grounds for divorce
7.    Know the danger of ignoring “red flags” no matter how much you are in love
8.    Know about multi-generational transmission issues
9.    Know about past relationships
10.    Know about step-families and all the implications
11.    Know about personality types
12.    Know the purpose of pre-marital counseling
13.    Know the difference between incompatibility and un-equally yoked
14.    Know about educational advancement, job preparedness, skills & tools
15.    Know about money management
16.    Know about sexually transmitted diseases
17.    Know about the dangers of pre-marital sex
18.    Know the sexual preference or orientation of the person
19.    Know about child bearing & infertile couples
20.    Know about the power of family systems and subsystems
21.    Know about jealousy, abuse, control & selfishness
22.    Know about conflict resolution & conflict management
23.    Know about immigration status & business marriages
24.    Know about childhood wounds & emotional baggage
25.    Know about marriage, divorce, separation & re-marriage
26.    Know about poetic justice, what goes around, comes around
27.    Know about being realistic about wedding plans
28.    Know about where and how to celebrate holidays
29.    Know who does the cooking, cleaning, washing, etc.
30.    Know the personal pet peeves of the person
31.    Know about your personal self and the real reason you want to get married
32.    Know about your level of spirituality and his/hers

Hope these will be of help, enjoy your love life but be wise and careful. God bless

Dr. Smith