98. Is Jealousy a delusional disorder? Isn't God jealous of us and would that make Him...?
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Dear Dr. Smith,

Is Jealousy a delusional disorder? If you say yes, isn’t God jealous of us and would that be delusional? Awaiting your response.  

Dear Friend,
Jealousy for the most part is a delusional disorder. There is such a thing as creative jealousy, we have a right to be jealous over those we love, but not to the point of becoming delusional. Here is the clinical diagnosis of a delusional disorder,     “non-bizarre delusion(s) i.e. involving situations that occur in real life, such as being followed, poisoned, love at a distance, being deceived by one's spouse or lover”. Jealousy becomes delusional when one party is conjecturing feelings, thoughts, behaviors and stories about the other person or persons without any valid substantive proof or facts. They become ridiculous in their thinking and behavior, and they heap up accusation after accusation without any justification.

Jealous people can act in bizarre ways, such as; anger, contempt, suicide, sensitivity, living in denial, cruelty, malice, kidnapping, and murder.
God’s love towards us is not negative but positive. He does not have to accuse, conjecture or assume anything about us. He knows the end from the beginning. The psalmist says, it is He that has made us and not we ourselves” (Ps 100:3) When God says, “I am a jealous God” (Ex 20:5, Dut 5:9) He is jealous of us when we give our allegiance to other gods, He is jealous of us when we go astray, He is jealous of us when we refuse to give him our heart. That is not delusional jealousy, it is everlasting love. Remember, jealousy in and of itself, is not a negative emotion, it is only delusional when it is illogical. God’s love for us is not illogical, the Cross of Calvary tells us why.

What to do with delusional jealousy
1. Pray hard and earnestly
2. Get help / see a Psychotherapist
3. If in danger get order of protection
4. Avoid situations that occasioned jealousy
5. Find strength from reading your Bible daily           
6. If jealousy becomes persistent, don't underestimate, report to law authorities.
The rage of a jealous person can be deadly.

God bless and thank you for asking.

Dr. Smith