Presidents Letter to Constituency
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To All Pastors, First Elders, Church Clerks/Bulletin Clerks
Over the past few days the Weather Report has been advising us of the impending Hurricane “Irene.” Several Caribbean Islands have been affected and now the East Coast of the United States is being affected. The New York City area is in the path of the storm and we need to be prepared for the worse situation if that could happen.
Pastor Ruben Merino, our Community Service Director, has been in contact with the North America Division, FEMA, Red Cross and the City of New York on how to prepare and respond to the effects of the hurricane. He has also been in contact with Northeastern Conference with a view to share ideas in responding to the potential crisis.
This morning, Friday, August 26, 2011, we had an Administrative Committee that included the Conference Officers, Pastors Ruben Merino, Community Service Director, Lloyd Scharffenberg, Cooperation Secretary, and Rohann Wellington, Communication Director. The following decisions were made:

  • We should keep our churches open Sabbath morning but close for the afternoon. Be prepared to assist members with transportation to return home. As needed. We would encourage our Pastors and Elders to take time Sabbath morning to have Seasons of Prayer for the safety of our members and the members of our communities.
  • Cancel all church activities for Sunday.
  • We are recommending that we open a few of our churches to serve as Shelters in the event that the need arises. More information will follow on this point.
  • Information will be posted on our Website to keep our Constituency informed of the Conferences’ response to the situation.
  • Our churches should be prepared to assist those who are in need as a result of this impending hurricane.
  • Community and Health Services along with AYES CORP are doing all they can to help our members and the community to prepare for the coming hurricane.
  • Several of our members in the Hamptons have requested to use Camp Berkshire as Shelter during this time of crisis, which we have made available to them. Any other of our members, who need such assistance, please feel free to call Hector Perez, our Camp Manager, to make arrangement.  The number to Camp Berkshire is:  845-832-6681
  • A Command Center for Greater New York Conference is being established. More information will follow.
We are asking all the leaders of our churches to stay informed of the movements of the hurricane so that you can communicate with the membership as needed. Thanks for giving attention to this very important matter. Please be aware that each of you will be in our prayers.
Your Brother in Christ,
G. Earl Knight - President