Andres Peralta named new Youth Director
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Pastor Andres Peralta and wife Martha

The Executive committee today voted to appoint Andres Peralta as Youth Director for the Greater New York Conference.  Peralta, a native of the Dominican Republic currently serves as Senior Pastor of Mott Haven and the Emmanuel Churches in the Bronx.  Peralta says he has a burning desire to serve wherever God calls him to.  A graduate of Andrews University with a Masters of Divinity Degree, Peralta is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Ministry Outreach. 

Andres and his wife of nine years, Martha, joinned the Greater New York Conference staff in 2006.  Since then he has served the Queens Corona Spanish, Flushing Spanish, Astoria and Woodside Spanish Churches.  He was ordained to the gospel ministry in February 2011.

Peralta replaces Jose Cortes Jr. who was elected youth director for the Atlantic Union Conference in June of this year.  The administration congratulates and welcomes Pastor Peralta to his new responsibilites.  His appointment is effective immediately.

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2011-09-25 5:13 PM

Sure hope he has more vision than Cortes if our youth ministry is to continue to grow as it greatly did under the leadership of Cortes

Kevin D. Paulson
2011-09-25 5:35 PM

Dear Andres:

     The prayers of all your colleagues and fellow believers attend you in this glorious new assignment.  May the youth and young adults of this field find a new passion and joy in the great Advent message due to your service and example, is my prayer.


Pastor Kevin

Yamell Polanco
2011-09-26 10:11 PM

Congratulations. I am sure that you and your wife are going to do a great work with the young people. May the Lord be with you at all times.

Yamell polanco

Sis Romeo
2011-09-27 2:00 AM

Congratulations  Pastor, I pray God's blessing in your ministry

Tony Romeo
2011-09-27 9:33 AM

Dear Pastor Peralta -

The talent and dedication exhibited in Greater New York is a testament to the blessing of God. Pastor Jose Cortes, Jr. has left a wonderful legacy here in New York City and with your spirit and positive motivation for the youth of Greater New York, God has once again blessed our youth with a fine leader.

May you be blessed by looking at the faces of the future church and lead them to know Christ only as the focus for their lives.

Blessings to you.

Best regards, Tony Romeo, Pastor / REACH-NYC

Lovelli Small
2011-09-27 1:14 PM

Dear Pastor Peralta,

May God bless you and your family, as you take up your new post as Youth Director for Greater New York. This is a great challenge to lead youth, but just allow God to lead you, so you may lead our youth.
You are in my prayers.

victor dyman
2011-09-28 9:42 AM

Pastor Andres and Martha,
Many, many blessings in your new ministry! You both have so much to offer for our youth in these last days!
Victor and Lera Dyman

Omar Rivera
2011-09-30 3:24 PM

Congratulatiooooon!!!! This is the Newtestamentary youth leadership ministry for NY. We know and trust he will do a great Job!!!! 

mArK mC
2011-09-30 5:20 PM

Dear Pastor Andres & Sis Martha, congrats! on your new assignment. You strike one a pastor who will give positive leadership in these times of seriousness. May the good Lord give you the courage to steer this department in a spiritual and tactful manner recognising that you work with men for God.  

I'll uplift you and your wife in prayer as you continue our Saviour & King, Christ Jesus.

Antonio McKintosh
2011-09-30 5:32 PM

Dear Pastor Andres & Sis Martha, congrats! on your new assignment. You strike one as a pastor who will give positive leadership as such a time as this. May you steer this department with spiritual and tactful leadership recognising that you work for God with men.

I'll be uplifting you and your wife in prayer as you continue to serve our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ in the Gospel Ministry.

God Bless! 

2011-10-02 5:34 PM

I met Andres Peralta while studying my bachelor in Puerto Rico and I am pleased that the Lord has guided him all this time. I pray that he can keep on exhalting the name of our creature in all that he does. He's truly a child of God. I know that your church will be blessed.

Carmelo Mercado
2011-10-03 2:39 PM

Felicidades - Congratulations on the new responsabilities. I am thankful to see the conference calling  young people like yourselfs to do such an important work. May God continue to guide you to lead the young people to be faithful to Jesus.