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Dear Dr. Smith
I really struggled with pornography and I want to overcome it but I sometimes don't. I struggle with this a lot. What can I do?

Dear Friend,
The magnitude of the problem of Pornography is escalating out of proportion. Each year the revenue from pornography is over 12 billion dollars. This is more than the combined revenues of all professional football, baseball and basketball teams in the US. Many dysfunctional behaviors in the home and society can be traced back to pornography. Dysfunctional behaviors such as: rape, exhibitionism, masturbation, pre-mature ejaculation, bestiality, homosexuality, adultery, fornication, sex addiction, drugs and lack of impulse control. 

The struggle you are experiencing with pornography will not go a way until you first settle within yourself that is not just a moral problem it is a spiritual problem. Secondly, you cannot be in a state of ambivalence, you can’t want to overcome it and don’t want to overcome it. You are playing the cat and mouse game with yourself, and you will end up becoming the mouse only to be eaten by the cat. It’s just a matter of time. 

You must take a hard long look at your disfigured self, see the ugliness inside, feel disgusted about it, and want to change it. You have to want change badly enough before change can come. Here are some positive suggestions.
1.    Stop going to porn sites
2.    Stop watching porn videos and movies
3.    Stop viewing porn magazines and any other form of porn literature
4.    Stop any form of masturbating
5.    Stay away from friends who are into porn
6.    Trace back your porn use to it’s early beginning. How did it start? Avoid those occasions
7.    Occupy your thoughts with more wholesome images
8.    Replace pornography time with meaningful activities (the law of displacement)
9.    Not only must you ask for pray but you must seriously pray for strength to overcome
10.    Set special time for fasting and praying, wrestle with God until he blesses you
11.    Attend Church regularly and participate (don’t be a bench warmer)
12.    Seek professional help

I am glad you had the courage to reach out to me. I must commend you for taking this step, but you must not stop at my response; keep pushing yourself until you have overcome your weakness. Remember; do not settle for anything that is less than the best.
If you have to write to me again, feel free to do so. I will be praying for you. You can do it, be strong and may God give you the strength to succeed.

Have a great day.

Dr. Smith
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