Family MInistries Cruise
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The Trip in Need is the Trip Indeed

The morning hours slipped by extraordinarily fast on the morning of October 2, 2011, as 174 family members of the Greater New York Conference gracefully walked down the boardwalk to our destination, the dock of the Skyline Princess.  In anticipation of boarding we greeted friends, met new friends and enjoyed the picturesque view of the Flushing Bay.

In the five hour getaway, we enjoyed the bond of this multicultural, and multi-ethnic community.  With so many families in crisis worldwide, it is true that the Director of the Family Ministries Department, Dr. Steve Cassimy, his Administrative Secretary Lisa Gonzalez, and his team saw that families in our conference needed a forum to accommodate our diversity.  As we meandered down the river, it was paramount that this medium was an attempt to unite families of varied backgrounds, mingling and comingling, sharing pleasantries, and observing the talents of the various groups, breaking the barriers for a greater cruise in the future.

The five hours went by swiftly with entertainment by Lovener Walcott, soloist, a Korean quartet, Praise in Motion, Edison Alvarez, saxophonist and the soothing background music provided by Loris Laborde. Prizes and surprises interspersed the program highlighting anniversaries, birthdays and other special events.

As we approached the Statue of Liberty, the cameras were ready for this wonderful view. Suddenly the chorus of the song In New York Harbor resounded in my ear…”Unashamed I’ll proclaim that the rugged cross is my statue of liberty”. We were liberated from the hustle and bustle of the city, from the cares at home, and with friends, family and acquaintances we were ministered.  We had a sumptuous meal, as we viewed the Manhattan Skyline.

The comments of two of the cruisers reflect how many of us felt. “This was beautiful.   I am ready to go on the one week cruise next time.”

“I enjoyed the fellowship associating with my brethren”.

We had a blast and we are willing to go on many, many more trips.

Prior to disembarking, the Family Ministries Director announced an upcoming g cruise, all were invited.

Dr. Sonia J. Rodney-Williams
Grand Concourse SDA Church