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Dear Dr. Smith,

If a woman got herself physically involved with a man on a less than 6 months relationship and became pregnant, what should she do if the man stated that to get married would make matters worse?  If he was the one that took off the protection that would have prevented the issue, does he have the right to refuse marriage? 
Also, since this matter was both irresponsible and "playing with fire," one person has seriously stated that getting married would lead to a divorce. Should both individuals pursue another relationship in the future with someone else even when now a child is in the middle? Or try to work out something even when the relationship is severely screwed up?
Thank you for your time Doctor, I really appreciate it.


Dear Anonymous,
I am sorry to hear about this woman who has gotten herself in her self-imposed predicament. I only hope it’s not you. In any event, her problem speaks to the issue of pre-marital sex that has become so common place that some people have forgotten that it is still sin. The lie is that “everybody is doing it” so why bother to abstain? The truth is, not “everybody is doing it” and there are those who refused to bow down to Baal or the practices of Baal.

As creepy as the man is, he is right about not wanting to get married for the wrong reasons. One should not get married because of a pregnancy, there are fare more emotional, psychological, mental and spiritual issues at stake, in order for a marriage to work.

While he is the one that removed the protection she is the one to say “NO” and walk away. They both have to take responsibility for their lack of impulse control. Unfortunately, when two lovers “play with fire” the woman is the one that generally gets burn. Even thought a child is involved, they both have the right to pursue other relationships in the future. I hope that they have learned from their mistakes and in the future, rely on God’s strength rather than their own to overcome temptation.

God bless.

Dr. Smith
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