126. In my dreams I hang out with other men and “forget” that I am married
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Dear Dr. Smith,

Is it possible to become “possessed” at night? It seems like in my dreams I hang out with other men and “forget” that I am married. In real life I am very close to my husband and would never ever do anything to hurt him. My husband often jokes and says I am possessed at night because I have weird conversations of which I have no recollection of in the morning.  I worry that this shows I am not truly convicted as a Christian; or somehow my character is flawed. I make sure I pray before I go to sleep. I don’t watch a lot of television. So can the devil trouble your sleep? How do you combat an enemy when you’re asleep?

Troubled Sleeper

Dear Troubled Sleeper,

There is a difference between being possessed and having dreams about hanging out with other men. It is possible for an individual to become possessed but this would not just manifest itself at night but at other times also. What you are experiencing however, is transference of your daytime thoughts into nighttime dreams. As strange as this may sound, somewhere in your sub-conscious thoughts are those desires or flirtatious feelings towards these men you are dreaming about or men in general.

It is good to know that you are very close to your husband and would not hurt him, what you need to do now is to work on your sub-conscious thoughts. Flirting is either overt or covert, imaginary or real, and if left on checked will manifest itself in dreams, physical actions, stalking or hallucination. I would suggest that if the dreams continue, you should seek professional help.

What you are experiencing is not a question of conversion, but a question of conviction. Are you truly convicted in your soul that you will not be unfaithful to your husband? If you are, then stop worrying, and keep praying. The Devil cannot trouble your sleep as long as you allow Christ to be the center of your life.

You wanted to know how you could combat the enemy while you are asleep, well, you cannot, you can only combat him when you are awake. If you commit yourself to the Lord, however, He will watch over you and protect you while you are sleeping.

Your situation might just be a clinical problem and not a spiritual problem, it is possible that something from the past is troubling you and that’s why I recommend that you see a Christian therapist if the dreams persist.

God bless and sleep sound,

Dr. Smith.
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