An explosion of Evangelism
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An explosion of Evangelism
GC, NAD, Unions, Conferences Collaborate to Reach Large Cities

Shawn Boonstra, associate ministerial director for evangelism, North American Division, recently sat down with presidents and other representatives from the GC, NAD, Unions and Conferences who have formed a strategy to reach New York City, the largest metro area bordering their territories of responsibility.

Stepping up to the challenge as presented by General Conference president Ted N. C. Wilson and North American Division president, Dan Jackson, were Donald King, president of the Atlantic Union and Frank Bondurant, vice president for Ministry Development, Columbia Union in addition to presidents of Southern New England, Frank Tochterman; New Jersey, Jose Cortes; Northeastern, Trevor Baker; Allegheny East, Charles Cheatham; and Greater New York, G. Earl Knight. They discussed the whys, the hows and the historical significance of targeting New York City with the message of a personal Savior.

Ted Wilson answered Boonstra’s leading question, “Why target large urban
centers and why New York City?” Wilson put it simply, “That’s where the
most people are. Approximately 50% of people live in cities rather than the
countryside. While on this earth, Jesus went to where the people were. He wept for them. He did practical and good things for them.”

Jackson added, “God loves the cities. He loves the people who live there. It is our work to find people who are yearning for something better, so it is our goal to reach every major population center in the North American Division. New York is the first. Much will be learned from the NYC experience and that knowledge will help us focus efficiently on future initiatives.”

Ellen G. White wrote about NYC. She said, “Those who bear the burden of the
work in Greater New York should have the help of the best workers that can be secured. Here let a center for God’s work be made, and let all that is done be a symbol of the work the Lord desires to see done in the world.”

A training school, community services, youth ministries, and more relational activities and services will be widely implemented throughout the city prior to the evangelistic meetings slated for 2013. Guest evangelists from around the world have volunteered to simultaneously preach the gospel in neighborhoods of NYC. This strategy to reach the city is the first time that the General conference, Division, Unions and Conferences have worked closely together to accomplish a major initiative of this kind.

King continued, “New York City is the financial capital of the world with 20 million people. God wants His work to explode in NYC.”

The one hour NY13 special program produced by the NY13 Communication team
was filmed for television on April 16 in the Hope Channel studios. It will be shown on Hope Channel and 3ABN and as a promotional DVD throughout the Division so that members will have a clear understanding of what NY13 is and what they can do to have a part in the massive initiative to offer the gift of grace and hope to the huge metropolis of NYC. Visit for broadcast dates.

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