Hurricane Sandy Updates
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Dear Pastors:
AYES Corps (Adventist Youth Emergency Corps) is monitoring the situation on the Storm Sandy. We are working with NYC OEM(Office of Emergency Management) in order to coordinate our response.
We have a teleconference with OEM NYC at 2 pm today, with  NAD ACS DR (Adventist Community Services Disaster Response) tonight at 8pm and with NY VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster) Tomorrow monday at 9am.
We would keep you informed about the latests reports, also we would like to know if you have information about any church members that require assistance.
This link has all the GNYC churches locations, the number of church members in each church and the pastors name, also the different colors are for different ministries groups.
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Facebook: Disaster Response - AYES Corps, Greater NY Conference
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Ruben Merino
Director, Adventist Community Services,
Health Ministries & Media Center
Greater New York Conference