Hurricane Sandy Update #2
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As posted by NAD NewsPoints Oct. 31, 2012

Greater New York Conference (GNYC) territory – Rueben Merino, ACS Director
Ninety percent of the population in Long Island does not have electricity, which is making communication by phone and email very difficult. Most of the Adventist pastors do not have a cell phone signal.

Tuesday, the Adventist Youth Emergency Services (AYES) Corps were doing assessments around the city including Long Island and Westchester County. It is noted that AYES Corps members have also been conducting disaster trainings prior to Hurricane Sandy and were already at work in some of the NY shelters while the storm was going on.
It is estimated that at least 42 Adventist churches (4,500 members) are in the most affected areas. Note: Only eight pastors have been reached at this time. The following churches have families that have been affected:
  • Manor Road Church: 4 families affected
  • First Russian Church: 4 families affected
  • Freeport Spanish Church: 1 family affected
  • Shiloh Bilingual Church: 6 families affected
  • Maranatha Church: 2 families affected
There are two Adventist churches currently open as shelters and are in need of supplies:
  • Emmanuel Church, Bronx, NY
  • Wakefield Church, Bronx, NY
 The following is a report of the operation centers:
  • Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn are going to start operations on Wednesday, October 31 at 9:00 a.m.
  • Bronx and Queens Centers are going to be used as collection centers and warehouse. The centers have 15,000 square feet available.
  • Brooklyn Center is going to be used for distribution.
  • It is being determined if one of the churches in Long Island may be used as a distribution center.
  • Supplies that are needed include: generators, canned food, baby formula, disposable diapers, cleaning supplies, water, and blankets.
The GNYC ACS DR is planning to raise $100,000 for 100 Adventist families that have total or partial loss because of the flooding. They want to give $1,000 to each family or adjust that amount depending on the need. "In addition, I'm working with my administration to collect a special offering for the following two Sabbaths in all the GNYC churches," said Merino, "and Wednesday we are planning to visit some of the 20 families that we already know have had their homes flooded."

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