149. She sees nothing wrong in dancing at her wedding
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Dear Dr. Smith

My daughter wants at her wedding to have her first dance with her husband at the reception dinner. As a Christian mother I totally disagree. She sees nothing wrong with that, because there will be no more dancing after that. How I can change her mind?, or better yet not to go to the wedding at all?

Dear concerned Mother,

I shared the sentiments of your heart and I understand your frustration. Clearly, the era in which you and I grew up in would have nothing to do with dancing at a wedding. However, not to attend will only make matters worst. Your daughter is now an adult, her wedding is a mark of moving on into her final stage of independence, there is so much you can do and no more. We would have hoped that she would have embraced all of your values, but thank God, the major ones she seems to still embrace, and that you must be grateful.

My recommendation would be that you back off this one item and don’t let it spoil the occasion. The fact that there will be no dancing for the general public, then, just see it as a bridal waltz instead of a dance. I don’t think you will be able to change her mind and I don’t want you to become so worked up, that what is suppose to be a happy occasion, becomes a nightmare. Therefore, make the best of it and enjoy the moment. May God bless you and your family as you continue to make your wedding plans.

Dr. Smith
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