150. I supported him when he had nothing
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Dear Dr. Smith

I am a mother of four. I am the soul provider and supporter of my children. I separated from their father due to spiritual, mental, and physical abuse. I continued my education and received my degree. I am now a teacher. I started another relationship; I am in this relationship for xx years. The problem is he is an alcoholic. Productive when sober but the opposite when drunk. I supported him when he had nothing but now that he is in a position of authority and owns his own house, he told he that he does not like my children, and that they cannot live in his house. I have been away from my children for almost a year now. Please pray that I may provide my children with a home because they are not welcome at this one.

Dear Mother,

I will be praying for you. However, I think you made the wrong choice, that is, you chose a lover over your children. That's called abandonment. If the man loves you he should love your children as well. It's a total package. If he can't love your children, then he shouldn’t get you. You have literally rejected your children for this man. The sad reality is that from his behavior, it's just a matter of time when he will reject you also. And trust me, when that time comes, it will hurt you to the core. You should not let anything come between you and your children except your God.

You said you have a degree and you used to be the sole provider for your children. So I can't understand why you should be so dependent on this man, especially since he is an alcoholic. Why can't you get a job and find a place for you and your children? If you are waiting for him to marry you, then you have another guess coming. The worst part of your situation is that when he throws you out you will be clinging to your children for emotional support. But guess what? You are not there for them now. Isn't that an irony?

While it is good to pray to find a place for your children, it is better to be with your children. Love is a total package; he can't love the mother and hate the children. You should not settle for that. That's not true love.

I hope you will come to your senses soon and do what is right, besides, you should set a good example for those children by first marrying someone before living with them.

Stay strong and go do the right thing.

God bless,

Dr. Smith.
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