164. Can my best friend be a married man?
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Dear Dr. Smith

Can my best friend be a married man?

Dear Friend,
Your best friend should not be a married man unless you are best friend to the married man and his wife. Outside of that leave the married man alone and go find another best friend. Let him be a best friend to his wife. Here are some practical reasons why this is not a good thing.

1. His wife will be uncomfortable with the relationship
2. You will have to confide in him as a best friend, which is not healthy for his marriage
3. It will cause tension in his marriage as his wife becomes more and more suspicious of the relationship
4. It will evaporate your energy and emotion so you will not have enough to invest in a healthy relationship of your own
5. If you are single, when you get married your husband will reject this man as your best friend.
6. If you are married, it will soon cause problems in your marriage
7. Eventually he will use you as his "sudafed" to the neglect of his wife
8. You will soon start wanting him to do things with you that he is doing with his wife.
9. It can cause others to be suspicious or judgmental of your motive
10. It may affect your spiritual growth and maturity.

Hope you heed my counsel, have a blessed day.

Dr. Smith
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