175. Pray for me I’m affected with the spirit of masturbation
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Dear Friend,

Before I even begin to pray for you, there are some things that you must do for yourself.
  1. Stop thinking about it so deeply
  2. Stop watching any and all forms of pornography
  3. Discard any pictures, movies, etc. of nude or half nude women
  4. Put a sock over the hand that you use to masturbate each time you feel the urge is coming on
  5. Avoid staying by yourself or in isolated places.
  6. Keep feeling disgusted before you start and not just after you are finish
  7. Get rid of the Internet if you go online to get stimulation
  8. Clear your mind of dysfunctional thinking and replace it with positive optimistic thoughts
Having done those things, here are some other things to start working on as well.
  1. Read your Bible, especially when you feel the urge is coming on
  2. Pray earnestly to overcome the desire to masturbate
  3. Take a cold shower whenever the urge is getting very strong
  4. Go for frequent walks or exercise regularly
  5. Read a spiritual book or listen to some Christian music
  6. Count to ten before you touch your penis and count to ten again if you need to. Keep counting to ten until you are frustrated enough to move on.
  7. Stop the daydreaming, control your urge.
My Prayer for you...
Dear Jesus, I present before you your son, he has a weakness, but he also has the power within himself to overcome that weakness. Give him the strength to do so. Help him not to feel helpless or hopeless but to apply your strength to his weakness. Forgive him of his sins and help him to understand that he can do all things through you who will strengthen him.
Bless him today, may he apply your blood to the doorpost of his heart. May he feel your power and sense your grace, mercy and forgiveness. Give him the victory today O God I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

God bless.

Dr. Alanzo Smith.
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