176. I pray that God will bring a good man into my life
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Dear Dr. Smith
I pray that someday, God will bring a good man into my life. I'm at the point of completely giving up!! Period. I have nothing to live for anymore.

Dear Have Nothing to Live For.
How about living for your God and yourself. Don’t you think that that is enough reason to stay alive? If your sole purpose in life is to live for a man, then you are among all women most miserable. By the way, if God should answer your prayer and bring that good man into your life, he would be most miserable. You see, you wouldn’t know how to make him happy. Because you yourself is not happy, happiness must first begin within us. Let’s take a closer look and your prayer request.
  1. That God will bring a good man into your life: There is no question that a good marriage is a beautiful thing, but the converse is also true. May God have mercy on your soul if you are not compatible with the good man. If you take a good man and put him in a bad situation, the situation does not get better. You must first settle within yourself, who you are, and that existence, spirituality or quality of life does not depend on marriage.
  2. You are at the point of completely giving up: What do you want to give up? Your life, your friends, your desire to get married, your church, your God, who or what do you want to give up? This is call “frustration” I hear the frustration loud and clear and this is the point Satan wants you to get to. Unfortunately, frustrated women make irrational decisions and cherish irrational thoughts.
  3. You have nothing to live for anymore: God must be so displeased to hear you speak this way. Are you forgetting that He died that you might live? To allow yourself to get to this point of frustration, borders on insanity. Get a hold of your thoughts, stop feeling sorry for yourself, marriage is not the breath you breathe or the food you eat. It is good to be married, but “emptiness” is not the opposite of marriage neither is “pathological thinking”. You are a child of God, created a little lower than the angels, fearfully and wonderfully made, therefore, stop the self-pitying. Think positively, be an optimist and thank God for life. What you have and don’t want, millions are dying for. If you don’t believe me, just visit your local hospital tomorrow.
God bless.
Dr. Smith
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