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Dear Dr. Smith,

Is it a sin if one puts an object between legs to squeeze it like having an act of sex?
If so, what are the "not sinful" alternatives to it?

Please help, thanks.

Dear Please Help,

I find your question quite amusing. Could you first define “object” for me, then I might be in a better position to relate to it. Also, are you married or single?

To be more candid, let me assume that you are single and you are referring to some form of masturbating. Well, whether you use your hand, a banana, or any sex toys, for the child of God, masturbating is wrong. It inflames the passion, ignites the heart, aggrivates the soul and creates a thirst for that which you cannot spiritually satisfy.

Self-stimulation often leads to pornography and pornography leads to fornication. Therefore, don’t try to put your hand in the lion’s mouth and then wonder whose reflex is faster, yours in pulling your hand out or his in closing its jaws.

I cannot in good faith tell you of any “not sinful” alternatives. I can only tell you that the God who gave you those sexual desires has also given you the power to control them. If you develop a bad habit of self-stimulation, even if you should get married, it could affect you in marriage, emotionally, “orgasmally”, psychologically and spiritually. (By the way I coined that “orgasmally” word)

I trust that you will find the inner strength to compose yourself and rely on God for guidance.
Have a blessed day.
Dr. Smith
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