185. How long should a sexual act last between a husband an a wife?
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Dear Dr. Smith,
How long should a sexual act last between a husband an a wife?
Concerned Spouse.

Dear Concerned Spouse,
I am afraid to answer this question for fear you may think I am giving my personal experience. But because I am a therapist, I will shrug the fear and proceed to give you a clinical response.

To begin with, people react differently sexually. There are some individuals who are short meters, or they suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction such as pre-mature ejaculation, in that case, it might only last 30-60 seconds. Short meters can also be occasioned by the health and age of the couple.
Generally speaking though, sex acts last anywhere from 7-10 minutes after penetration and provides adequate satisfaction to both partners.

Long meters are those individuals who can go on and on, frequently they suffer from the sexual dysfunction called, “Orgasm disorder” and may want to climax but cannot. This may create frustration for the other spouse.

There is no rule of thumb as to how long a sexual act should last and one should not become confused with what they watch on the internet, video or television. There is a thing called “cut and paste” in the film industry and what you see lasting for 20-30 minutes or more could have been filmed over a two week period. Gentlemen, don’t be fooled, don’t brake your back trying to become a hero. Allow your sexual activity and sex drive to be motivated by whatsoever things are pure, holy, just, lovely and good.

God bless and enjoy your marriage.

Dr. Smith
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